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Messier 31  The Andromeda GalaxyM33  The Triangulum GalaxyMessier 82 The Cigar GalaxyMessier 94 The Cats Eye GalaxyMessier 109 Barred Spiral GalaxyM81 Grand Spiral Galaxy in Ursa MajorM51 The Whirlpool GalaxyThe Leo TrioMessier 74  The Phantom GalaxyMessier 32 & 31NGC2903 Barred Spiral Galaxy in LeoMessier 101 The Pinwheel GalaxyM104 The Sombrero GalaxyMessier 108 Edge On Galaxy in Ursa MajorMessier 64 The Blackeye GalaxyMessier 105 and FriendsMessier 96 Intermediate Spiral GalaxyMessier 65 & 66