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Messier Object 13  Globular Cluster in Hercules - 2009M45 The Pleiades ClusterMessier 103 Open Cluster in CassiopeiaMessier 39 Open Cluster in CygnusMessier 36 Open Cluster in AurMessier 38 Open Cluster in AurigaMessier 12 Globular Cluster in OpichiusMessier 80 Globular Cluster in ScorpiusMessier Object 3 Globular ClusterMessier 13 Globular Cluster in Hercules - 2010Messier 11  The Wild Duck ClusterM10 Globular Cluster in OpichiusM26 Open Cluster in ScutumM23 Open Cluster in SagittariiusMessier 52 Open Cluster in CassiopeiaM15 Globular Cluster in PegasusMessier 35 Open Cluster in GeminiM37 Open Cluster in Auriga