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Messier 31 The Andromeda GalaxyNGC2237 The Rosette NebulaNGC2024 Flame and Horsehead NebulaeM51 The Whirlpool GalaxyNGC 7635  The Bubble NebulaM17 The Swan NebulaM16 The Eagle Nebula 2020M109 Barred Spiral GalaxyNGC6992 Eastern Veil Nebula 2010M33  The Triangulum GalaxyM45 The Pleiades ClusterNGC7293 The Helix NebulaMessier 8 The Lagoon Nebula 2010M81 Grand Spiral Galaxy in Ursa MajorMessier Object 13  Globular Cluster in Hercules - 2009Messier 16 The Eagle Nebula - 2010Messier 20 The Trifid NebulaThe Horsehead NebulaM42 The Orion Nebula WidefieldM42 The Great Orion Nebula